About ORE

We are a Brand, Design & Digital agency focused on one thing: discovering the best for Brands.

The more your business looks the part, the more it will win people over. At Ore, ‘looking the part’ means discovering the precious materials of your business and expressing them in a unique identity.


The foundation of your business and your most valuable asset.

Your brand isn’t a logo, witty tone-of-voice or beautiful look & feel; nor is it nicely-printed collateral, a smart website or clever app.

Your brand is the sum total of the experiences people have of your products and services and needs to be coordinated as a whole.

We promote brand as the operating system of business. This enables us to determine the relationship of all the elements of a business. It’s an approach that underpins business strategy and is responsible for how brands behave at every touch-point.


At Ore looking good isn’t good enough.

Good branding isn’t merely about surface appeal. It’s about forming a business identity from the inside out. It’s about fashioning your brand directly from your strategy so that it advances your business.

Our ‘brand as operating system’ methodology plus creative brand design helps us to make your business more attractive.


Always on, mobile and everywhere - Ore is fluent in digital.

Everything a business does is an expression of its brand and nowhere is this more apparent than in a digitally-enabled world.

Every detail of every interaction is an opportunity to assert a unique way of doing things for your business.